Tuesday, 2 May 2017

4 Rules to Keep in Mind While Designing a Business Card

Is it easier to take the time to input phone numbers and emails into your phone? Or simply exchange business cards?

Although we all are working in paperless offices the meek business card is still a mainstay of business. If you are not giving out your business card to prospective clients, you’re missing out on right set of circumstances for marketing. A physical business card not only allows you to make a personal connection when you meet someone for the first time, it also makes your brand more indelible–if done right.

To stand out you need to create a design that looks fantastic, and helps you differentiate yourself. By creating an effective card you can elevate your business above your competitors before the prospect has ever seen your website.

By following these four business card rules you can make sure your business card supports your brand and performs well for your business.

1. Simplicity is key — avoid the tricks and ruse.

Even when creating your own business cards, the design principle of “less is more” is still a good rule to follow. Business card layout ranges from traditional and straightforward to innovative and visually striking. Typography is an essentialcharacteristic of your business card, which should be carefully thought over. Even the smallest change in typography can have a dramatic effect on your business card. It’s best to select an expert graphic / web designer for your jobs. So check it How to hire best web designer online?

2. Include Only the Most Important Information

Be deliberate about the information you include and keep clutter to a minimum. You don't want the most important bits of information getting lost in a mess of words and numbers. You need your name and job title on the card, along with the name of your company or what you do. There is very limited space on a business card, so by limiting the amount of textual information, the overall design will be cleaner and easier to read.

3. Stick to the standard size.

It may seem easy to make your card stand unique from the crowd, but more than likely you'll get your card tossed just because it won't fit in someone's wallet. Remember, the idea of the business card is give them reference information. So it’s best to create a design that stands out while fitting within those dimensions.

4. Get Them Professionally Printed

This seems like an obvious tip, but don’t overlook the importance of using professional designers, printers, and photography. Business card is always a part of your first impression; you don’t want to present something that’s complex, poorly designed, or unqualified. The card should be a reflection of your business. It should seamlessly convey who you are, what you offer and value.

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Wednesday, 5 April 2017


Nowadays, web designers are one of the most needed after in every line of work, and it is not as complex as it seems because web design is a much more than a marketable skill. While building your competent website design, you have to designate all the things that are necessary to build a professional business. In order to become a professional web designer, you should keep in mind certain important tips.

Impressive communication skill is one of those skills which can break or make you in any profession. Impressive communication skill is the basic building block to becoming a professional web designer because while communicating with the developer or client can evident the success of the specific project. So, to become a professional web designer you have to be clear and bold enough to present a successful image of yourself and trading your work while communicating with client or workers. If you have effective and impressive communication skill, you can easily resolve all the disputes that come to your way.

It is essential to plan before presenting your design because good planning can help you to achieve your desired goals. Pre-design planning can save a lot of your time, resources, money and effort. Basically, planning is divided into three basic parts.
•    Investigating about the client’s business.
•    Asking the client about the requirements and expectations from the web.
•    Evaluating about the latest industry trend and what the competitors or opponents are doing.

In order to become a professional web designer, you have to learn the basic web designing skills that you need while building a professional website. The basic skills of web designer include the web designing languages which include:
•    HTML
•    CSS
•    PHP
•    SQL

There are many online learning management systems are available on the web from where you can easily learn the above-listed languages. These basic six languages are enough to start up your web designing profession. Along with these languages try to update yourself with the latest technology because the computer technology updates every day. It is important for a web designer to keep in touch with the change in technology in the latest industry.

There is a misunderstanding that web designer can also be a graphic designer and vice versa, but the reality is that the graphic designing is a totally different from web designing. The Web designer creates all the aspects of the website, such as performance, content management while the graphic designer creates visuals achieve promotional needs such as logos, displays or banner, etc. Graphic designing is a completely separate field, so you have to hire a professional graphic designer for your website.

Being a web designer, you need a portfolio that covers all aspects of web designing such as design, layout, colors and content management because the portfolio is the best way for a web designer to advertise their abilities and aesthetics. Managing a good portfolio is important to any designer’s success.
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Monday, 20 March 2017

Making the best concept of graphic designs attractive

In the highly competitive environment that is prevailing today in online business, it is important to find a good web design company to get your website created. This is because only an excellent site can compete with the big names in the e-commerce business. It is not an easy task to find a good design company among thousands you have on the internet. However, a great deal also depends on the graphic designer and their ability.

However, to make the concept of graphic designing attractive, a company has to make sure that it has the right kind of software to design graphics in an innovative manner. The list of four software have been mentioned and are:

uKit Website Builder: If you have just started running your business and are desperately searching for a platform to promote in an easy and efficient manner, then uKit is the best choice for you. It is mainly a do-it-yourself website creating software having a simple Drag and Drop interface allowing you to personalize your site's appearance any way you like. All you have to do is select a domain name along with a theme, and that is relatively easy owing to the self-explanatory buttons and tabs. The website is made for all devices, and you will also get an option where you can preview your works anytime.  This will enable you to quickly switch between different devices such as desktop/laptop, mobile as well as tabs. The control panel is made of two areas- the Dashboard and the constructor.

GoodBarber.com: GoodBarber is adequate for designing mobile applications. It renders software that even amateur application developers can use to make quality mobile apps for Android, iPad and also iPhones. The software offers you 50+ beautiful themes to choose from your app.

Usersnap.com: If you want to receive as well as give feedbacks regarding web issues, Usersnap is your software. It makes way for easy and efficient collaboration with your customers. It is primarily a screenshot and bug tracking software that sends useful browser details and reports directly to your dashboard. Some of the unique features include in-browser screenshots that will display what your users are seeing, JavaScript error logging that assists you to record as well as get visual bug reports regarding the user's JavaScript errors and also a Feedback Widget, which enables you to get constructive feedback straight from your website without slowing down your site. Plus it also allows you to interact with your users. Moreover, it can be used to arouse the interest of budding graphic designers. 

ThemifyFlow.com: This tool enables you to create templates for homepage, posts, pages, categories, blogs and custom post types.  You can also make sidebars, headers, and footers quickly with this excellent tool. Plus all these themes- the templates, the styling and also the model parts; can be easily exported/imported. This tool is recommended by many renowned developers in the market, and so you should give it a shot.

This article writer is an expert graphic designer working with a leading web design company cochin, offers creative brochure and other branding materials.